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Keep your independence without losing your freedom. To ensure that there is somebody there for you when you need it most, our 24/7 Response Centre is open 365 days a year. This enables you to contact us in any emergency, at any time of the day or night.

With a simple home-based alarm and panic button, connected to our Response Centre, we are just a button-press away when help is needed, and are able to facilitate responses to a number of emergencies. Emergencies are never convenient. When they strike, one cannot walk to a phone, dial a number, hold on and hope for a response. Often one is immobile, traumatised or weak. Imagine just pressing a button on your wrist and without doing anymore, being in audio contact with a trained care operator who can assess what is needed and react appropriately.

Our system eliminates the age-old “What if?” question, so you and your loved ones can now sleep soundly, knowing that the correct help will be available when it’s required.

  • We are Close by

    We are Close by

    • Activating the alarm will establish a two-way conversation wherever you are in your home.
    • The phone continuously checks the status of the telephone line, the power, the backup battery and interfering signals; ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
    •Easy to use during day and night – with large illuminating buttons.

  • Practical Jewelery

    Practical Jewelery

    • Can be worn comfortable around the neck or wrist
    •Automatic test alarm constantly checks the unit’s functionality
    •Automatic Low Battery alarm
    •Water proof
    •Dual coloured LED will verify that the trigger has coverage in the whole home.

  • Round-the-Clock Care

    Round-the-Clock Care

    Call4Care is there for you night and day with monitoring & assistance no matter what the emergency.

  • The Emergency

    The Emergency

    Pressing the red button on the CarePhone (or its remote Panic Button) alerts our Response Centre Operator and initiates the two-way speakerphone function, allowing the client to speak to our operator – even if he or she can’t get to the CarePhone itself.

  • We Know you

    We Know you

    If the client is unable to speak, our operator will still be able to take appropriate action as the client’s personal details and home address is instantly displayed on our system the moment an alert is received.

  • We will Stand by you

    We will Stand by you

    Our Response Centre will immediately notify the listed family member or friend, and advise them of the situation and response details; our operator will remain in contact with the client until assistance arrives.